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    That is adorable!


    How adorable. I went to Michael's today and completely forgot to check out Amy Butler's new line. I was knee-deep in Martha Stewart's line. Will go back tomorrow to see this fabulous line for myself.

    BTW, I printed the syllabus for 52 pick-up....can't wait to get started!

    Kimberly Kwan

    ok...can I tell you that i just bought and absolutely am MAD abotu htese papers as well!?!?! Their texture and colors make me HAPPY and this project is ROCKIN!


    Super cute! :)


    Cute book! I'll see if I can make it. Thanks for posting. Ummm...would you happen to know what Kwan and gals R doing for Sparkle day? It's way too costly to sign up for withOUT knowing what the projects are. Could you find out since you have an in, pretty please?
    Oh, and about those chewed up specs...maybe it's time for Laser Eye Surgery. Just a thought...I'm considering it for myself...soon. C ya.

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