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    Oh, you did get creative the other day didn't you?! Tim is an inspiration.......oh yeah the exercise probably helps too! Love the fact you're working out with me these days:)

    Marlene Moore

    Tena, so glad you are sticking to your exercise routine, maybe
    one day it will be me !!
    Love both of those books by the way, got the acrylic one in the summer and just started Taking Flight.
    Keep up the good work.

    Kim Johnson

    Way to go Tena! Can I steal a little of your enthusiasm? Just send it on over.


    Hey, Tena! Hope all is well. I also want to let you know that I just tagged you with a marvelous quiz. Hope you'll join in.

    And kudos to you and Dana for encouraging each other to exercise. And your canvas is absolutely lovely. Are we going to get any hints on your workshop for next May!?


    Well now, aren't you clever!!!!! I can't imagine my life without exercise...but I have to admit I can fall off the wagon pretty darn easily!!! My Friend Ria & I are finishing up week #4 back at the gym & like you, I continue to try to incorporate a healthy eating lifestyle...( did you know I am a Dietitian?!?) 6 pounds and I don't know how many's so darn hard when you LOVE.TO.BAKE...I especially love your canvas Tena,the colours are so rich, now that looks like a whole lot of creative mojo!!! happy happy day:o)

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