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linda woods

I love your little book! Being mindful (and mindful with a camera!) is the best you can give yourself!

Corinna Lyons-Revello

I'm going to participate also and can't wait to get started even though I'm late! LOL



this is wonderful! thanks for sharing!!


Your mini album is beautiful. i have my camera with me today and am taking my 10 photos....actually i think i am photo number 27 but whos counting. Ill pick the best ones later


Hi Tena
Love your lil album, yet again i'm inspired to do more with my camera than just take pictures...no it doesn't do the dishes or cook the dinner! I mean having a focus on a particular moment in time is always a good thing whilst we are racing to get to those moments in the first place! Thanks for sharing Stacy's gift here...another blog I need to catch up on!! lol

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