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judy in carefree

Great pics, Tena!


Great photos!

Susan M.

Oh to be that young and "fluid." We often forget what our bodies can do. Great job capturing those moments. She must really work hard to maintain that nimbleness. Beautiful job Tena. Congrats to Alyssa for all her hard work! Keep it up!

Paulette Sarsfield

I love that You are sharing... I think the new syncro gear is hilarious!(you know, back in the day I could ballet around a little in the pool myself...that was WAY back in the day) Alyssa must love what she does, the pics are amazing... Happy day & not too many sleeps now!!!!


That wall is a great back drop....of course Alyssa could make anything look good!:)

Mackenzie M.

ahh i love the pics of your daughter dancing!! the color of her shirt works super well with the background!! she is gorgeous!! i wish my mom was as creative and fun as you are haha. my mom's an elementary school principal up here in nebraska and hardly ever has time for anything outside of school.


Those are some amazing dance photos. I had not noticed you cut her fingers off in the photo. I thought that shot was perfect. Once I read about the fingers getting cut I looked at it again and it almost makes it look like she's hanging from the top of the photo. Very cute!

Angie Lucas

WOW! I wish I could do that. She's incredible...and so are your pics!


Is that last photo real? Can someone really bend their legs in directions like that? LOL! I zoned in on the shadow in the first picture--it's just as cool as your daughter! Can you let me know where pics were taken please? i might be able to persuade my son to do some pics for me before he is too old. Also, i got some of your kits at SE sale this weekend but they have no instructions...email me won't you? Thanks.


Wow, that is quite a jump Alyssa is making. I wish I could be so limber!!


Great photos, Tena! Alyssa and her beautiful leaps make a lovely model against that great backdrop! :)


Great photos of Alyssa! She is a knock out. Enjoy the summer with her chick. :)

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