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OH MY GOSH!!! You have the best girls' trips ever, I need to move to AZ so I can join you some time. :) I'm visiting my sister right now and SYTYCD is taping since my nieces' bedtimes interfered... I can't wait to see it! :) So envious you got to be there!

Carolyn Peeler

I so enjoyed reading about your adventure Tena. What a fabulous memory! I too LOVE SYTYCD...can't wait for it to start again tonight :)
Hope all is well with you.


I am going to a taping of so you think you can dance tomorrow! How early did you have to get there to get your tickets?? It says to be there by 3 but what do you think???

Tena Sprenger

Hi Tracie,
I would most definitely get there no later than 3pm.If your time ticket time was 3pm that is the time they will start handing out tickets to your group, but the people who are also in your time slot will most likely have already been lined up and they do not guarantee tickets for everyone in each time slot.( I am always worried so we got there before our time and waited a little) People will already be lined up around the building. It is very random how they hand out tickets, we were a party of 4 and we had 2 people sitting in one place and 2 people sitting in another. After they give you your tickets you will have time to get something to eat in the mall adjacent to the theatre, then you go inside the theatre and wait for another long while...... but it is totally worth it. The one thing I found peculiar was they made a really big deal about the dress code and not wearing open toed shoes.... have the people there were wearing open toed shoes! we all bought new shoes since we didnt have any closed toed summer shoes and got some yucky blisters! You are going to have a great time. tena

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