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Tena, it's great to see you back in the line-up of fun teachers at SE. I'm out-of-town now so i can't make it today...but hope you have a good turn out. Wire creature looks like a cool idea!

Amy Wing, Gauche Alchemy

Hi Tena! Hey, I bumped into your mom a week or so ago - just a chance meeting at the post office of all places. I've been meaning to touch base with you - stop in and say hi. I really love your work - have one of your books. I guess I didn't realize you are local.

Anyway, she grabbed a Gauche Alchemy card for ya with my name scrawled on the back (illegible? I don't know).

So... I wrote a post about you on the GA blog that will appear tomorrow at 6 a.m. Drop by and have a look?


tina.. this is so awesome!!
hope all's well with you and yours<3

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